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Villa d’Este: Bugatti Veyron Centenaire Special-Editions

This past weekend’s Villa d’Este Concorso d’Eleganza has brought out some of the most luxurious beauties including the Aston Martin One-77. Not the one to be outdone, Bugatti has unveiled four Centenaire special-edition Veyrons to continue the company’s 100th anniversary celebrations. Each one-off Veyron pays homage to Bugatti’s motor-racing history “which played a central role in popularising and ultimately establishing the myth which the brand continues to enjoy to this day.”


Momo Design Ice Helmet

Tag Heuer Monaco V4 Limited Edition

It is the timepiece that you never thought Tag Heuer would make – but they did. As a limited edition of just 150 watches the Monaco V4 is a great looking watch that is as fun to watch in operation as it is to show off. Plus, it is the only Tag Heuer watch I know of made from platinum (170 grams of it). Aside from the unique look of the watch and the modern styling, there are two major points of interest in the watch. 

First, the watch movement uses a series of transmission belts instead of pinions. The belts are the smallest made anywhere and still have a thin steel wire in them for strength. Basically, instead of smaller gears connecting some of the larger gears, there are the belts that do it. Second is the use of a liner weight for the automatic movement. The idea is meant to resemble a piston in a engine. Instead of an oscillating weight moving around in a circle, the linear weight moves up and down to power the movement. Power is stored in four barrels that are seen in the rear of the watch (hence the V4 name). The power reserve is 52 hours, and the watch is actually very accurate at about plus or minus 4 seconds a day. 

The watch also uses mini ball bearings instead of “rubies” that are commonly used in watches for low friction between gears and palettes. Tag Heuer says that the ball bearings provide even less friction than the commonly used synthetic rubies. The watch functions include the time and a power reserve indicator. It is a new style of skeletonized watch, and very Tag Heuer in character. Price is $80,000 for each piece in the limited edition (save for the first piece that is being auctioned off for charity). 

Bvlgari Save the Children Ring

BVLGARI’s new special charity ring supports Save The Children for better education in Haiti. The ring emulates the unique design of the B.zero1 jewelry collection, and is the second design BVLGARI has created to benefit Save The Children. It’s made of sleek silver and strong ceramic adding an elegant stature to the hand. The new ring will feature the Save The Children  logo engraved on the inside. Ring is scheduled to be in stores October and will be sold at  international BVLGARI stores, select department stores, and on for $370 or (€350).


Bryanston House by Nico van der Meule

Mira Hotel in Hong Kong

Mira Hotel, built in Hong Kong is a star hotel with amazing interior. The hotel has a large luxury building and this is a work of art that deserves applause. The interior is very glamorous and luxurious. Mira Hotel was designed by Charles allem. Interior decorating every room in the full light of the amazing luxury. Furniture that is used is also no less luxurious. All the furniture is chosen with a light sheen. All the shiny side of the room clean.

Ferrari FF