Exotac Titanium Water Bottle

The Ti Water Bottle is constructed of 100% Grade 2 titanium from three separate pieces welded together. Empty, the TiBottle feels like it weighs next to nothing. The exterior is bead blasted to create a very nice and grip-able satin finish. The logo comes in two finishes, mirrored (as you see) and a sandblasted ‘subdued’ finish. The bottle can hold 22oz/650mL of liquid.

You can choose from the titanium cap (you see here) or the more classic plastic cap most water bottles have. The titanium cap screws into the bottle easily and has (as you would expect) an o-ring to keep the liquid you are carrying, inside the bottle. This cap also has a d-ring welded to the top so that it can be clipped to your pack for easy transport. Compared to the metal cap, the plastic cap, while not adding any greater weight, increases the length of the overall water bottle by an inch. The plastic loop cap can also be clipped to your pack as well. Being metal to metal, screwing the titanium cap into the bottle is relatively noisy and will definitely take you out of stealth mode.

One of the cool abilities of the TiBottle water bottle, is its ability to heat up liquids over a heat source. This is a definite plus for those outdoor and backpacker types. While you (unless you were in a pinch) can not cook a full meal, the TiBottle enables you to boil water and, more importantly, make coffee….. On our kitchen stove top, the Gadgeteer Kid and I, not only got water boiling but made a mighty fine batch of Starbucks VIA coffee. Below is a 7 minute video using a TiBottle for heating liquids from the Exotac website: http://youtu.be/-HFjQnMC4Rk

I really like Exotac’s titanium water bottle. As I said at the beginning of this review, as water bottles go…..it awesome. But (once again) as water bottles go, its extremely pricey as well. $75-$85 is definitely a premium to pay for something to carry liquid around in. But unlike many other water bottles, the TiBottle can be put over an open flame and is extremely tough (I thought about driving over it with my truck to see if it would survive but decided against it….I like it too much). Exotac’s KISS design and materials choice, makes for a useful, lifelong product. So, despite it’s cost, I do recommend the Exotac titanium water bottle especially if your lifestyle mandates the need for the ultra-durable.


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