Yike Bike

With fuel prices soaring like never before, it is urgent to find alternatives in terms of mobility.

These alternatives are to have cars more environmentally friendly, more accessible transport or other means as more urban bicycles.

It is this last point that we offer a new form of mobility. Come meet her …

Admittedly, there are already many types of bicycles that fold completely, but even so, some do not cease to be heavy and not very portable.

The alternative appears for the firm hand YikeBike Ltd and comes in the form of a bicycle at least original. With a small electric motor can reach a top speed of 25 km / h with a range of 10 miles without recharging.

The main engine is not its not even his speed, but its main design driving position and size that assumes when fully folded. This almost equals the size of their 20 inch wheel.

If purchased as in carbon, is very robust and lightweight, weighing just more than 10 kg.What is of no slight is the price of around € 2600 or R $ 5,952.00, but you can always opt for the heavier version, aluminum, for just under € 1,400 or U.S. $ 3205.00.

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