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Strelicious by Luciana Silvares

The in Germany based brazilian designer Luciana Silvares created the jewelry series Strelicious (
The bracelets are made from innovative materials and based on surprisingly simple construction methods, yet striking and design-oriented.
All Strelicious bracelets are laser cut in Germany and  later braided from 2D into 3D forms.
The first series of Strelicious products are two versions of bracelets in twelve different metallic  colors.
Strelicious products are soft, nice to wear and super light.

They are currently in available at the shops: Lieblingsstuecke in Frankfurt – Germany and HocDie Design in São Paulo- Brazil.

And also online at Etsy:

Radicada na Alemanha, a designer Luciana Silvares criou recentemente lindas as pulseiras chamadas de Strelicious (
Feitas de tecidos especiais que lembram metal escovado, as pulseiras são cortadas à laser e possuem impressão em relevo de fina textura sobre a superfície. Construída com métodos e montagem extremamente simples, porém intrigantes, as compõem bem com qualquer tipo de roupa.

Os braceletes objetos de desejo já estão sendo vendidos na Alemanha e aqui no Brasil podem ser encontrados com exclusividade na loja Hoc Die Design, em São Paulo. Quem preferir, pode comprar online, pelo endereço  <>

Hoc Die Design
R. Peixoto Gomide,1887 – Jardim Paulista – São Paulo – SP

Tel.: (11) 3088-6141



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Ermenegildo Zegna Solar Power Jacket


Italian’s fashion company Ermenegildo Zegna is extending it’s Wearable Electronic collection after entering this market with the iJacket and the planned launch later this year with the Bluetooth iJacket under the Zegna Sport collection.

At the currently running men’s fashion show Pitti Uomo in Florence / Italy, Zegna showed the Solar JKT, an outdoor jacket with solar cells integrated into the collar.

Two solar modules, one on each side, convert the sun’s energy into electricity. The electricity is routed via conductive textile cables to a buffer battery, which can be used to charge a device directly or store the power until needed.

The solar modules measures 9 centimeters by 5.5 centimeters each and can generate up to 1 watt of power by full sunlight.

The battery measures 7 centimeters by 6 centimeters by 1.3 centimeter and weighs just around 100 grams. It requires four to eight hours to load. A fully loaded battery can charge a cell phone or iPod in less than four hours. A 5-volt connection is available for USB devices and a 6-volt connection for cell phones.

The integrated wearable electronics was developed by Germany’s Interactive Wearusing the solar technology from Solarc based in Germany as well.

Nokia Morph Concept Mobile